iZafe Group (publ.) hereby announces that the partner Remedio has sold its concept to 12 pharmacies which in a short time have 2,000 active customers who receive their medicines in sachets.

"Getting the medicine in sachets is completely new to the Italian market and our concept is based on local pharmacies purchasing a machine to enable their customers to have the medicine delivered in sachets. In a short time, we have now succeeded in installing machines for packing medicine into sachets in 12 pharmacies. These pharmacies have in turn gotten 2,000 of their customers to start getting their medicines delivered in sachets. Of these, about 95% are users in nursing homes. We currently have a rate of 2 new pharmacies a month installing a machine.
We will now start actively selling Dosell to these customers, but we will also start tests to introduce corportare version of Dosell, as most of our customers patients are now in nursing homes." says Alessandro Iadecola, CEO Remedio S.R.L.
"Getting several pharmacies to start packaging the medicines in sachets is absolutely crucial for Dosell, which is based on loading the medicine robot with these sachets. It will be exciting to follow the development on the Italian market, where it is now finally starting to gain momentum. Extra happy that so many nursing homes are starting to show interest in getting the medicine in sachets, as there are 3,000 nursing homes with over 300,000 beds in Italy." says Anders Segerström, CEO of iZafe Group AB.