iZafe Group signs agreement with Ti-Medi in Spain worth minimum of SEK 12 million

iZafe Group AB ("iZafe Group") is pleased to announce that it has signed a collaboration agreement with Ti-Medi for the rights to sell and market the medication robot Dosell. Ti-Medi's minimum commitment over a four-year period is worth minimum SEK 12 million.

The first phase of the collaboration will start in October 2023, with the aim of ensuring the entire sales process and launching a unique concept from January 2024. The commitment is to sell at least 1,800 Dosell devices over four years. The revenue will gradually increase from the license revenue generated in connection with the launch in January 2024.
Ti-Medi is a global company that manufactures and distributes technical solutions for medication management compliance. Ti-Medi sells dose packaging machines to over 650 pharmacies in Spain and Portugal.
"We are pleased to welcome Ti-Medi as both a major shareholder and now also as a partner. Their broad experience in the pharmaceutical industry and their strong presence in the market make them an ideal partner to expand our sales of Dosell," says Anders Segerström, CEO of iZafe Group.
Over the last ten years, Ti-Medi has delivered technological solutions to healthcare professionals to make the management of Multi-Dosage Systems easier, safer, and more efficient. Currently, the company aims to offer technological solutions to patients as well.
"One in every two patients does not take their medication properly! We are pharmacists, and we truly believe in the role of the community pharmacy as a key player in the medication compliance challenge we are currently facing. With this partnership with Dosell, we aim to extend our value proposition to the end-patient, improving their quality of life by making it easier to manage their medication," says Marc Tarruell, Co-Founder of Ti-Medi.
For more information, please visit Ti-Medi's website, www.ti-medi.com/en.

About Dosell
The medicinal robot Dosell is a Swedish-made digital aid for safer medication at home and for people living in nursing homes. Dosell is integrated into welfare platforms and is sold as one of several integrated digital aids via partners.
In a Swedish report, it is estimated that 3,000 Swedes die annually from drug-related injuries and that 6–16 percent of hospital admissions are drug-related. The costs for drug-related injuries that can be avoided are estimated at SEK 5.6–24.6 billion per year.
Dosell notifies the patient when it's time to take the medicine, and if the medicine is not taken despite the reminders, Dosell alerts healthcare professionals or relatives who can quickly prevent an injury and improve compliance, thus minimizing drug-related injuries.
Read more at www.dosell.se

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