Investor Presentations

As an listed company, we strive to keep our shareholders and investors informed. Here you can find our latest investor presentations, where we share important information about our business, financial results, and strategic goals.

By providing access to our investor presentations, we aim to foster an open and transparent dialogue with our stakeholders. We regularly update the page with relevant information to give you insights into our journey of success and future prospects.

A Eventful Start to the Year

Anders Segerström at Aktiespararna’s Small Cap Day

Anders Segerström, CEO of iZafe Group, delivered a presentation in June 2022 at Aktiespararna’s Small Cap Day.

The presentation included the company’s recently updated vision and strategy, as well as future prospects in both the short and long term.

ABGSC Investor Day 2021

iZafe Group’s CEO, Anders Segerström, gave a company presentation at ABGSC Investor Day on March 9, 2021. In the presentation, he discussed the new and improved version of the medication robot Dosell, called Dosell 2.0, which is currently under production. Additionally, a consumer version of Dosell is being launched, primarily targeting the 220,000 individuals in Sweden who use medication sachets, as well as those who use pill organizers and could easily transition to sachets for increased safety and control.

ABGSC Investor Day 2020

Anders Segerström, CEO of iZafe Group, presented at ABGSC Investor Day in September 2020. Several countries in the Nordic region and around the world have a strong need to digitize medication distribution, and the company has agreements with Swedish and international partners. For example, Dosell is represented in the healthcare concept Sempli Farma in Italy and is marketed in Norway as one of the three leading medication robots.

Stora Aktiedagen 2019

In November 2019, Anders Segerström, CEO of iZafe Group, delivered a company presentation during Stora Aktiedagen to introduce the company’s business idea.

“We are in an incredibly exciting stage with tremendous potential ahead. We have partners, we have the product, and now we want to bring Dosell to a broader market,” Anders Segerström shared in the presentation.

Partner Interviews

iZafe Group currently has strong collaborations with partners in Norway, Finland, Italy, and Sweden who sell and market Dosell. In a series of interviews, Anders Segerström, CEO of iZafe Group, asks partners about their work with Dosell, the state of the business, and their outlook for the future.

“We have a large network of satisfied partners who can all offer their customers a simple and secure implementation of Dosell in various welfare platforms. With Dosell’s unique flexibility and technology, secure communication can take place between Dosell, connected mobile phones, other welfare technologies, and the cloud,” Segerström explained.

Partner Interview Viser
Partner Interview Doro
Partner Interview Ing. Dahm & Bagle
Partner Interview Vivago
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