Company Management

Ida Almgren
Born in 1991. CFO since 2020.

Ida Almgren holds a degree in Business Administration from Lund University. She has extensive experience in business analysis and financial planning in established companies. In addition, Ida has experience working with growth companies and startups at various stages of development, focusing on strategic work and growth. Ida most recently held a position at SAS as a Revenue Manager. Previously, she served as CFO at Thunderkick.

Ida’s direct and indirect holdings: 106,667 class B shares. 300,000 subscription options TO11.

Anders Segerström
Born in 1985. CEO since 2019.

Anders has been involved in business development, sales, and corporate management in various roles since 2005. In January 2017, he became CEO of Sensec Personal Safety and successfully led the company to profitability before it was acquired by MediRätt and later renamed iZafe. Prior to that, Anders served as Business Area Manager for the same company and previously as Sales Manager at the broadband operator Net1. Anders holds a degree in Business Management from IHM Business School.

Anders’ direct and indirect holdings: 1,390,440 class B shares. 600,000 subscription options TO11.

Erik Gillsbro
Born in 1991. CTO since 2021.

Erik holds a Master’s degree in Medical Engineering from Lund University. He has previous experience in product development in the healthcare industry, leading product teams and specializing in e-health services. Erik most recently worked at the consulting firm C.A.G, focusing on the development of e-health services.

Erik’s direct and indirect holdings: 219,998 class B shares. 300,000 subscription options TO11.

Helena Kolvik
BUM Dosell
Born in 1988. BUM since 2023.

Helena has held various leadership positions in the business sector. Most recently, she served as Secretary-General of the Beat Diabetes Foundation, where she led the Nordic foundation since January 2019, aiming to increase diabetes awareness and bring together the entire diabetes ecosystem. With over 12 years of broad experience in partnerships, project management, and sales, gained from companies such as Stockholmsmässan, Bonnier Group, Viaplay Group, and Vattenfall AB, Helena plays a crucial role in driving strategic initiatives and optimizing efficiency for our partners.

Board of Directors

Björn Rosengren
Chairman of the Board
Born in 1942. Chairman of the Board since 2022.

Björn Rosengren has a wide range of expertise and extensive experience in both the private and public sectors, including serving as Minister for Industry, Governor, and advisor to the Kinnevik Group. Currently, he primarily works as a professional board member in both listed and unlisted companies. Some of the companies where he serves as Chairman of the Board include Fastator, listed on Mid Cap, Studentbostäder i Norden on First North, and the Norwegian-Swedish Chamber of Commerce.

Independent of major shareholders and the Company or management. Björn’s direct and indirect holdings: 2,621,306 class B shares. 900,000 subscription options TO12B.

Richard Wolff
Board Member
Born in 1975. Board Member since 2021.

Richard Wolff is a lawyer specialized in intellectual property rights, commercialization strategies, and business law. He has extensive experience as a corporate lawyer and consultant, as well as in business development and the start-up and scale-up world. He has worked at patent firms, law firms, served as Director Legal at Tele2 IoT AB, Vice-President at Wyless Plc, Vice-President and Operations Manager at Valea AB, and Chief Legal Officer at Cambio Healthcare Systems AB (current).

Independent of major shareholders and the Company or management. Richard’s direct and indirect holdings: 37,500 class B shares. 500,000 subscription options TO12B.

Göran Hermanson
Vice Chairman of the Board
Born in 1953. Board Member since 2019. Vice Chairman since 2021.

Göran has extensive experience in the security and safety solutions market. He started his career in the industry in 1989 when he co-founded Securitas Direct, now Verisure. Before joining iZafe as COO, he was responsible for business development in the Care business area, which develops alarm solutions for seniors who want to live an active and independent life at home. Independent of major shareholders and the Company or management. Göran’s direct and indirect holdings: 1,084,667 class B shares. 500,000 subscription options TO12B.

Bosse Johansson
Board Member
Born in 1965. Board Member since 2022.

Bosse Johansson is an economist with a focus on banking and finance. He has extensive experience from board assignments and executive roles in the banking sector, as well as positions of trust in elite-level sports in Sweden. He served as Chairman and CEO of Sparbanken Sjuhärad AB for 19 years and on the boards of Sparbankernas Riksförbund and the main board of Swedbank AB. He was Chairman of the Allsvenskan football club IF Elfsborg for 13 years and Chairman of Svensk Elitfotboll. Since 2022, he has been Chairman of Brynäs IF.

Independent of major shareholders and the Company or management. Bosse’s direct and indirect holdings: 0 class B shares. 500,000 subscription options TO12B.

Magnus Engman
Board Member
Born in 1969. Board Member since 2022.

Magnus Engman is an expert in turnarounds and exits in the software industry. He is currently the Managing Director at SD Worx Sweden and Market Leader Nordic. He is responsible for approximately 600 employees and a turnover of nearly one billion.

Independent of major shareholders and the Company or management. Magnus’s direct and indirect holdings: 0 class B shares. 500,000 subscription options TO12B.

Auditor and Others

Johan Kaijser
Authorized Auditor
Göran Sjönell
Senior Medical Advisor
Born in 1946. Senior Medical Advisor since 2021.

Göran is a specialist in general medicine, inventor of the Dosell medication robot, and co-founder of iZafe Group AB (formerly MediRätt AB), where he also served as CEO from 2008 to 2012. Currently, Göran works part-time as a general practitioner. He is the inventor of several patents, including iZafe’s medication robot, Dosell. Previously, Göran served as Chairman of the Swedish Association of General Practitioners and the World Organization of Family Doctors (WONCA). He is also the founder of neighborhood emergency care clinics.

Göran’s direct and indirect holdings: 325,000 class A shares and 2,151,847 class B shares.

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