iZafe opens up more sales channels for Dosell consumer

iZafe Group AB ("iZafe Group") announces today that they are now removing exclusive sales of Dosell via Apoteket.se and are instead opening up to future sales via several sales channels. This after receiving great international impact for their pharmaceutical robot and now having volume commitments from several countries, including the UK, Holland, Portugal and Spain.

iZafe has also started dialogues with several pharmacies regarding selling Dosell as a consumer product and will therefore initially sell Dosell on its own website Dosell.se, before it is gradually sold via more partners. The introductory offer on the hardware remains SEK 499 until the last of May, before the price is raised to SEK 1,999. The monthly fee of SEK 299 will be maintained.

"The launch of the consumer version has been a determining factor in being able to sign the partners we have now started this year with. We are very happy about the great international interest for Dosell and look forward to opening up more sales channels. Our goal is to make Dosell available to as many people as possible who need help managing their medication." says Anders Segerström, CEO of iZafe Group.

For more information about Dosell, visit Dosell.se.

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