iZafe Group receives confirmed order for 1,000 Dosell units to the Netherlands

iZafe Group AB ("iZafe Group") announces today that they have received an official order for 1,000 units of Dosell in accordance with the agreement announced on February 27, 2023. These units will be produced as soon as possible and are expected to be delivered to IVE Ventures ("IVE") in February 2024.

Earlier this year, iZafe announced an exclusive partnership with IVE, giving them the sole rights to sell and market Dosell medication robots in the Netherlands. According to this agreement, IVE committed to purchasing a minimum of 1,000 Dosell units each year for a three-year period to retain exclusivity. The total value of hardware purchases and license revenues over the first three years amounts to approximately 16 million SEK, with annual recurring license revenues of at least 6 million SEK thereafter.
"We look forward to continuing our partnership with iZafe Group and introducing Dosell to the Dutch market. This order for 1,000 units is a clear demonstration of our dedication to promoting innovative health and healthcare solutions," says Martijn Van Bree, CEO of IVE Ventures.
IVE's commitment to improving health and healthcare solutions and their dedication to Dosell is evident through their initial order of 1,000 Dosell units. Their promise to annually purchase at least 1,000 units to maintain exclusivity in the Dutch market reflects their strategic approach to strengthening their portfolio. With extensive experience in providing connected health and healthcare services since 2014, IVE has identified Dosell's potential to enhance and provide a reliable and secure medication solution to their customers in healthcare and alarm services in the Netherlands.

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