iZafe Group announces the appointment of nomination committee

iZafe Group AB (publ.) is pleased to announce that the company's major shareholders have appointed a nomination committee in consultation with the chairman of the board, Björn Rosengren. This step marks a significant milestone in enhancing corporate governance and ensuring that the company's leadership is aligned with shareholder interests and strategic objectives.

The Nomination Committee comprises the following members, representing a diverse mix of the company's ownership:

  • Patrik Björn, representing personal holdings through Gästrike Nord Invest AB
  • Stefan Wård, representing personal holdings
  • Marc Tarruell Tibau, representing personal holdings through Timedi S.L.
  • Björn Rosengren, Chairman of the Board, iZafe Group AB

Stefan Wård has been appointed as the Chairman of the Nomination Committee.

The Nomination Committee represents approximately 33% of the total number of outstanding shares and votes.

The primary responsibility of the Nomination Committee is to prepare and present proposals for the Annual General Meeting, on May 30 2024, regarding the election of the meeting's chairman, the Board of Directors, the Chairman of the Board, and auditors. The committee will also propose fees for board members and remuneration for auditors.

Shareholders in iZafe Group are encouraged to submit proposals to the Chairman of the Nomination Committee. Submissions can be made via email at or by postal mail to: iZafe Group, Attn: Nomination Committee, David Bagares Gata 3, 111 38 Stockholm, Sweden.

This initiative underscores iZafe Group's commitment to robust corporate governance practices that support the company's long-term strategy and value creation for shareholders.

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