The first delivery of Dosell Consumer is sent to Apoteket AB for start of sales

iZafe Group AB (publ.) announces that Dosell Consumer will be launched on October 18 via Apoteket AB. The first delivery of Dosell Consumer will be sent to Apoteket today, October 4, before the start of sales. In connection with the launch, the media has been invited to a press conference on October 14, where Dosell Consumer will be presented by, among others, CEO Anders Segerström and by the inventor of Dosell, general practitioner Göran Sjönell.

During the summer, an exclusive collaboration agreement was signed with Apoteket AB to introduce the pharmaceutical robot Dosell on the consumer market in Sweden. iZafe Group creates, together with Apoteket, an opportunity for all 2.3 million people who take medication daily in Sweden to prioritize proactivity to avoid drug injuries or incorrect medication.

“There is no doubt that drug injuries are a real problem in society. It is still difficult to create insight into the subject as, in the first instance in the event of an injury, one cannot point out that it has arisen because of incorrect medication. Every year, about 35,000 elderly people become so ill from their medicines that they must be hospitalized. It is with pride that we make Dosell available to anyone who takes medication regularly and wants to prevent incorrect medication with a better overview of medicines and increased compliance before an injury occurs. When our ongoing issue is completed, we will be able to scale up production and begin the sales period that we have all been patiently waiting for. The upcoming launch to the public is welcomed in a press conference on October 14 where we invited the media." Says Anders Segerström, CEO of iZafe Group.

About Dosell Consumer
Dosell Consumer is a subscription service that will be available for delivery via Apoteket on October 18, 2021. It is already possible to register an interest in securing availability when Dosell Consumer is launched.

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