iZafe Group’s CEO Anders Segerström acquires an additional 208,333 shares.

iZafe Group's CEO, Anders Segerström, has today acquired an additional 208,333 B-shares in the company. The transaction was completed at a total value of 50,000 SEK, equivalent to 0.24 SEK per share. With this latest purchase, Anders Segerström now holds a total of 1,598,773 B-shares in iZafe Group.

"It is with pleasure and belief that I increase my ownership stake in iZafe Group. This decision reflects my full confidence in our dedicated team and our future potential. Today, we stand on a strong foundation to collectively continue working hard towards creating a successful future for our shareholders, the company, individuals who require multiple medications, society, and healthcare." says Anders Segerström, CEO iZafe Group AB.

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