iZafe Group signs an agreement with a new partner in Portugal with a value of at least SEK 12.2 million

iZafe Group AB ("iZafe Group") hereby announces that the company has signed a cooperation agreement with MDM Pulse for the right to sell and market the pharmaceutical robot Dosell in Portugal. MDM Pulse's minimum commitment over a five-year period amounts to SEK 12.2 million to subsequently generate a recurring license income of at least SEK 4.2 million annually.

"We are very happy to have started this collaboration with MDM Pulse and thereby reach a new market in Europe for our pioneering pharmaceutical robot, Dosell. This collaboration represents a great opportunity for iZafe Group to continue driving innovation in the healthcare sector, also internationally. We look forward to working together with MDM Pulse to meet the needs of patients and healthcare providers in the Portuguese market and strengthen our position as a leading innovator in the industry.” says Anders Segerström, CEO of iZafe Group

MDM Pulse – Healthcare Solutions is a Portuguese company founded in 2006 that distributes medical technology products. The company has more than 20 years of experience in the IVD and pharmaceutical sectors. MDM Pulse has received several awards from business partners for its innovative and entrepreneurial approach, and has also been recognized by some of the most prestigious public institutions.

"By increasing patient safety and improving treatment adherence, Dosell provides an innovative solution that meets the challenges of Portugal's growing elderly population and the resulting increase in pharmaceutical drug consumption. Launching in Q3 this year, we will focus on the B2C market, and then expand to B2B market. Our partnership with iZafe represents an important milestone in closing the healthcare gap and promoting healthcare in Portugal." says Paula Matos, founder and CEO of MDM Pulse

About Dosell
The medicinal robot Dosell is a Swedish-made digital aid for safer medication at home and for people living in nursing homes. Dosell is integrated into welfare platforms and is sold as one of several integrated digital aids via partners.
In a Swedish report, it is estimated that 3,000 Swedes die annually from drug-related injuries and that 6–16 percent of hospital admissions are drug-related. The costs for drug-related injuries that can be avoided are estimated at SEK 5.6–24.6 billion per year.
Dosell notifies the patient when it's time to take the medicine, and if the medicine is not taken despite the reminders, Dosell alerts healthcare professionals or relatives who can quickly prevent an injury and improve compliance, thus minimizing drug-related injuries.
Read more at www.dosell.se

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