Apoteket and MediRätt launch clinical study

As previously announced, Apoteket AB and MediRätt AB have signed a co-operation agreement regarding clinical studies with Apoteket's ApoDos system and drug dispenser Dosell, an automated drug dispenser for contemporary homecare. Tests will be conducted during this spring and summer.

Dosell in brief: Dosell is a patented product for homecare, an automated drug dispenser that is installed in patients' homes. Dosell is filled with Apoteket's Apodos pouches, reminds patients when to take medication, ensures patients receive the right medication at the right time, and issues alerts if patients fail to take their medication.

Apoteket in brief: Apoteket AB is, with its system, ApoDos the country's leading manufacturer and distributor of medicine bags. Apoteket has 390 pharmacies, 640 collaborating stores and 102,000 ApoDos customers.

Method: A control observation study will be conducted in which Dosell filled with ApoDos pouches is compared to medication containing exclusively Dosett and exclusively ApoDos. The study therefore includes three tracks (systems). Four responsible, prescribing doctors will lead the study, supported by between four and six district nurses with responsibility for patients' homecare. The study will be conducted at four healthcare centres in Stockholm, and will be peer-reviewed by an ethical committee. The study comprises 700 patient days in the respective test groups, a total of 2,100 observations.

Variables to be studied: 

1. Dosell's functionality.
2. Compliance (to prescriptions).
3. Patient, relatives' and healthcare staff satisfaction.
4. Time taken to operate respective systems.
5. Drug waste/shrinkage.
6. Unplanned home and hospital visits.
7. Dosell's alarm function.
8. Total costs for respective systems.

Apoteket AB and MediRätt AB are sharing the project's funding costs equally. The project is led by Göran Sjönell, GP. Sir Roger Moore is product ambassador for Dosell.

If the tests are successful and the product meets Apoteket's quality requirements, it may be included in Apoteket's main product range and offered to existing 102,000 ApoDos customers.

Lidingö May 5, 2017 

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Important information
This information is such that MediRätt is obligated to publish it in accordance with the EU's market abuse regulations. This information was submitted for publication on May 5, 2017 at 08:50 am CET.

MediRätt in brief
An average of eight elderly people die, and a further 500 are admitted to hospital in Sweden every day due to drug side effects, even though a solution to the problem exists. This is also a serious issue worldwide. MediRätt's business concept is to develop and market products that support more qualitative and safer healthcare in the home on the Swedish and international market. The Company has developed MediKoll and Dosell, which together form a unique overarching concept that ensure the elderly receive reliable and safe medication.

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