5 Dosell are implemented in a new municipality.

iZafe Group (publ.) hereby announces that the partner Zafe Care Systems AB has now begun implementation of 5 Dosell in a municipality in southern Sweden.

The municipality, which has about 4,350 inhabitants who are 65 years and older, initially starts with 5 Dosell with an ambition to increase the number gradually.
About Zafe
Zafe Care Systems AB, which was acquired by the AddLife Group, is part of Home Care, similar to Norwegian Hepro, and is one of the leading companies in welfare technology on the Swedish market. Their main customers are the state, municipalities and aid centers. Today, they work with more than 200 municipalities and are suitable thanks to their market-leading technology in all types of care homes.
About Dosell
The medicinal robot Dosell is a Swedish-made digital aid for safer medication at home and for people living in nursing homes. Dosell is integrated into welfare platforms and is sold as one of several integrated digital aids via partners.
In a Swedish report, it is estimated that 3,000 Swedes die annually from drug-related injuries and that 6–16 percent of hospital admissions are drug-related. The costs for drug-related injuries that can be avoided are estimated at SEK 5.6–24.6 billion per year.
Dosell notifies the patient when it's time to take the medicine, and if the medicine is not taken despite the reminders, Dosell alerts healthcare professionals or relatives who can quickly prevent an injury and improve compliance, thus minimizing drug-related injuries.
Read more at www.dosell.se

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