iZafe Group AB (publ.) – today Febuary 18, releases its Q4 Interim Report.

Summary of financial performance

  • Net sales for the quarter amounted to SEK 220 (84) thousand. The quarter's sales consist of revenues attributable to the sale of the digital medication robot Dosell.
  • Operating profit for the quarter amounted to SEK -12,750 (-9,128) thousand.
  • Profit after financial items for the quarter amounted to -12 943 (-9 127) TSEK.
  • Cash flow for the period amounted to SEK 17,264 (-6,270) thousand. The positive cash flow for the comparison period is a result of the rights issue that has been carried out.
  • Earnings per share for the quarter before / after dilution amounted to SEK -0.2 (-0.3).
  • Equity per share at the end of the period amounted to SEK 0.6 (0.9).
  • The equity / assets ratio at the end of the period was 84.1 (84.0) percent.

Important events in the quarter

  • The first delivery of Dosell Consumer was sent to Apoteket AB on October 4 before the start of sales.
  • Deputy Chairman of the Board Göran Hermansson and CEO Anders Segerström together subscribe for an additional 458,000 units in the rights issue.
  • The final outcome of the rights issue of units, consisting of shares and warrants of series TO10 B has been announced. The rights issue has been subscribed for to a total of 100 per cent, where approximately 43.6 per cent were subscribed for with the support of unit rights, approximately 4.1 per cent were subscribed for without the support of unit rights and approximately 52.3 per cent were subscribed for by issue guarantors.
  • iZafe has filed several completions of its PCT patent application. In this way, the Company enabled a geographically broader patent protection, which is part of iZafe's strategy to strengthen and further develop its intangible assets internationally.
  • Launch of Dosell Consumer as an end product of the Italian healthcare service Sempli Farma began.
  • iZafe communicated that the price for the consumer version of Dosell is SEK 299 per month. This after the customer has bought the hardware for SEK 499 at apoteket.se
  • Commercial new launch of Dosell together with Hepro AS in Norway.
  • iZafe uses Mangold Fondkommission AB as a liquidity guarantor.
  • The first medical robots adapted for the Italian consumer market were sent to Sempli Farma in Italy for the pilot project.

Comments from the CEO

We have now raised enough capital to, for the first time ever, have enough liquidity to set a long-term and sustainable plan for the company. With all the new changes to the medication robot, we have now also got all of our partners to approve the new Dosell.

This has meant that during the fourth quarter we increased production significantly and produced at a higher rate than ever to meet market demand. We end the year with an increase in sales compared to the previous quarter, a clear indication that we have now started selling and that the market sees the value in our product. The difference from before is that we have done the preparatory work that was required, and we have thus created the conditions for us to now really enter an active sales phase.

We have now launched Europe's first consumer version of a medication robot. We have also been able to deliver the right medicine at the right time over 3,000 times to consumers in Sweden and have established ourselves in a country outside the Nordic region.

Our major marketing investment on the consumer side will begin at the end of February and the beginning of March with TV advertising in a number of channels and a number of other marketing activities and exciting collaborations. We are now working intensively to support our partners by increasing the sales rate and that everyone keeps a high focus on Dosell.

A sub-strategy so far has been to wait to enter new markets until existing partners are up and running and have fully approved our product. As this has now been achieved, we will shortly begin the work of prioritizing in a well-balanced way which new markets the company will begin to enter, with both existing partners and new ones. We already have several interesting tracks in new partners and markets, and we look forward to starting sales work there as well. Dosell is the basis of our strategy where we must ensure "the right medication at the right time" and with the help of this also be able to demonstrate the health effects in order to create a healthier, safer and more sustainable way for everyone to medicate.
In conclusion, it is positive to note that the pandemic is increasingly releasing its grip on society and business. For the company, this meant that more meetings could take place between colleagues, customers and partners during the quarter. We are now also working more proactively to have more digital meetings and digital e-training. I am enthusiastic about the progress we have made during the year and now we have initiated sales and marketing activities according to the plan we set. We still have a lot to do, and thanks to what we achieved in the last quarter of 2021, we now have the opportunity to accelerate significantly. We have now laid the basic conditions for becoming the obvious choice of digital aid to enable a healthier, safer and more independent life for the millions of people who multi-medicate in Sweden and the world.

Stockholm, Sweden – iZafe Group AB (publ.) (NASDAQ First North: IZAFE B) – today February 19, releases its year-end report of the forth quarter 2020.

Read the full report here.

Condensed statement of financial performance

  • Net sales for the quarter totaled SEK 84 thousand (4,471). Sales for the quarter comprised revenue related to Dosell sales. In previous years, this item also included revenue attributable to the Security business area, which has been sold.
  • Operating income for the quarter totaled SEK -9,128 thousand (-7,173).
  • Income after financial items for the quarter was SEK -9,127 thousand (-7,514).
  • Cash flow for the period was SEK -6,270 thousand (7,462).
  • Earnings per share for the quarter, basic and diluted, were SEK -0.3 (-0.3).
  • Equity per share at the end of the period was SEK 0.9 (1.3).
  • The equity ratio at the end of the period was 84.0 percent (51.4).

Significant events during the year

  • iZafe Group sold the Security business area, thereby becoming a pure, financially strong life sciences company focused on the Healthcare business area and the medication-dispensing robot Dosell.
  • As a result of successful pilot projects during the year, iZafe Group’s partners have placed initial orders for 450 medication-dispensing robots for 2021.
  • iZafe Group’s Italian partner has begun active marketing and negotiations with 2,000 pharmacies in Italy. Equipment that packages medication in sachets has been installed at a number of pharmacies.
  • A pilot project was initiated with the care service provider Attendo. The goal of the project is to obtain data to make a decision on the potential implementation of the Dosell medication-dispensing robot for use in Attendo’s home services business.
  • A pilot project was initiated with care service provider TioHundra AB involving 30 medication-dispensing robots. The results will help identify areas where welfare technology can contribute to more efficient and safer operations at TioHundra in Norrtälje Municipality, Sweden.
  • iZafe Group published a patent application that the company submitted relating to the further development of the Dosell medication-dispensing robot. The application is international and will enable iZafe Group to have patents approved in over 150 countries.
  • Two pilot projects were initiated in two Finnish municipalities together with partner Vivago. In addition to these initial pilot projects, Dosell will be included in a number of tenders in Finland in 2021.
  • Cooperation has begun with Doro in Sweden as a direct result of successful collaboration with Doro in Norway.
  • A partner agreement has been signed with US-based international healthcare company Hippo Technologies to develop an end-to-end medication-dispensing service based around the Dosell medication-dispensing robot.
  • iZafe Group announced that the company will start delivering a consumer version of Dosell in spring 2021. This strengthens iZafe Group’s position as a leading developer of digital medication dispensing at home by offering hundreds of thousands of patients, relatives and healthcare workers the Nordic region’s first consumer version and the market’s safest, most user-friendly and cost-effective medication-dispensing robot.

Significant events after year-end

  • In January 2021, iZafe Group raised just over SEK 4 million through the exercise of series TO 8 B share warrants from the rights issue carried out in 2019. The CEO and Board exercised all their share warrants.
  • The pilot project with care provider Attendo has been completed with good results. A phase of developing Dosell is now underway in close dialogue with Attendo to reach even more users.

Comments by the CEO

The year 2020 was an eventful and exciting year for iZafe Group that was marked by four main issues:
1) creating the structure and foundations for future financing of the business by raising capital at the start of the year and selling the iZafe Security business area;
2) investment in expanding our partner network and collaborating on pilot projects;
3) continuing to develop and adapt Dosell technically and making adjustments for new markets such as Italy and Finland; and
4) managing the effect of the coronavirus pandemic on our market and business.

Despite the significant negative impact, it is encouraging to see that the pandemic has boosted interest in greater patient safety and, for us, the Dosell medication-dispensing robot. Decision-makers and opinion leaders have realized the importance of digitalization in healthcare to provide safer elderly care.

iZafe Security was successfully sold in the middle of the year to free up resources to accelerate the commercialization and internationalization of the Dosell medication-dispensing robot. The sale resulted in iZafe Group becoming a debt-free company with an effective capital structure, paving the way for faster growth both organically and through acquisitions. Following the sale we started working on becoming a leading pure life sciences company within healthcare digitalization in Sweden and worldwide. In January 2021, we raised approximately SEK 4 million from a subscription program in conjunction with the rights issue that we carried out at the end of 2019.

The ongoing global pandemic has had a major impact on public health and the global economy, and there is still uncertainty over when to move from pilot projects to full-scale introduction. Local restrictions on certain markets have affected our ability to interact with customers and a number of pilot projects have experienced delays. iZafe Group adapted quickly to the changes in the market by putting in place digital management lines and methods, including for training of new and existing partners.
I’m pleased with how effectively we have maintained contact with our customers and partners, and that together we have successfully conducted extensive testing and pilot activities. We are seeing increasing demand for digital solutions to ensure the health and safety of the elderly. We are continuing ongoing efforts in product development and improvements to provide even better solutions, while remaining focused on constantly adding new benefits for existing customers and partners.

Dosell launching as a consumer product
As we announced at the end of the year, spring 2021 will see us launch a pure consumer version of Dosell. The very limited test launch carried out over five working days in December showed very significant interest, particularly through the considerable response we saw in the communication channels we used. We are extremely confident about the launch of Dosell Consumer and are developing a new, simplified Dosell service tailored to the private-sector market. The main investments have now been made and development costs will consequently decrease over the current and future financial years. The launch of Dosell Consumer will initially take place through our own e-commerce solution combined with selected partners, primarily pharmacies. At a later stage we will also offer consumer versions in Norway and Finland through our partners.

Together with our partner Hepro in Norway we won the largest ever national tender for digital assistive technology. Meanwhile, the deployment of Dosell at around 50 care service providers has started in the first of 30 municipalities in which our partner Doro has already implemented its welfare platform.
We have initiated three pilot projects in Finland with our partner Vivago, in addition to which Vivago is to include Dosell in a number of tenders during the year. Some 60,000 people in Finland already receive their medication in the form of medication sachets and these are a key target group for Dosell. The number of people in Finland who take medication using sachets is expected to grow sharply over the coming years.
United States
It is especially heartening to have signed an agreement with our first really big international partner, US-based digital health company MyHippo. Together with MyHippo we will develop a service based on the Dosell medication-dispensing robot for customers around the world who use Hippo’s products and platform. We plan to expand the partnership to also include an OEM version of Dosell.
We are excited about the launch as part of Sempli Farma, a pharmacy-based service that connects attending physicians with users and their relatives through a closed medication-dispensing system. The Italian medication sachets have been validated with Dosell and intensive advanced business discussions are underway with wholesalers and pharmacy chains in northern Italy, representing around 2,000 pharmacies. We can expect to see Dosell in Italian homes in 2021.

Our employees have adapted quickly to the new reality of working from home and have focused firmly on our objectives, despite the challenges faced. We have invested in bringing in new skills, and welcomed two new colleagues in the autumn who have extensive experience from care service providers TioHundra and Attendo. They have already helped us improve processes to put in place the right conditions to ensure we can provide the support our partners expect.

We are concluding a phase in which we have gone from product development, identifying sales channels and streamlining the company, to starting 2021 with a strong emphasis on sales through our growing network of partners and other channels. A number of partners have confirmed their confidence in Dosell by making pre-orders corresponding to 450 Dosells with integrated battery, which will be produced on an ongoing basis from the end of Q1. As we begin 2021, we have new, trained partners not only in Sweden and Norway, but also in the US, Finland and Italy. Our partnership strategy will prove its worth in 2021, and we will continue to invest in our business model of selling through partners. iZafe Group’s Dosell Consumer and future patents could revolutionize health care at home, especially for users who want to live safe, independent lives at home for longer.

Our extensive partner network in Sweden and internationally, combined with our launch in the spring of a simplified Dosell service for the consumer market, establishes firm foundations for growth and I am very confident that iZafe Group as a company and Dosell as a product will move into a commercialization phase across a number of markets.

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