New international investment in the medtech company MediRätt

Dubai-based investment company Bracknor Investment Group is investing in the listed Swedish medical technology company MediRätt by drawing 400,000 options worth SEK 2 million.

Bracknor invests in European technology companies in the start-up and growth phase, focusing on companies in the healthcare sector in France, the UK and Finland. Today there are 18 companies in the portfolio and the management amounts to more than 100 million Euro.

Over the next three years, the ambition is that Bracknor will invest a total of SEK 48 million in MediRätt. The money should be used primarily to launch the product Dosell, a digital medicinal dispenser that ensures proper and secure medication for home care.

MediRätt was listed on Nasdaq First North in December 2016 and has since been working to expand its operations.

CEO Carl Johan Merner comments on the investment:

"Bracknor's investment gives us the opportunity to get to the market faster with our product, benefiting thousands of people currently cared for at home. By reducing errors in medication, we can both decrease healthcare costs in society and increase the quality of life for our elderly."

For Bracknor, the investment in MediRätt is an opportunity to take part in the growth of a new sector within the healthcare market.

"The digitization of the healthcare sector has just begun. By 2050, the proportion of the global population aged 65 or over will be doubled, from 10 to 20 percent. The market for a product like Dosell is large and has the potential to change home healthcare fundamentally. We look forward to long-term cooperation with MediRätt", says Hugo Pingray, founder and partner at Bracknor.

Stockholm 2017-06-16

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MediRätt in brief
An average of eight elderly people die, and a further 500 are admitted to hospital in Sweden every day due to drug side effects, even though a solution to the problem exists. This is also a serious issue worldwide. MediRätt's business concept is to develop and market products that support more qualitative and safer healthcare in the home on the Swedish and international market. The Company has developed MediKoll and Dosell, which together form a unique overarching concept that ensure the elderly receive reliable and safe medication.

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