MediRätt recruits experienced project leader

As MediRätt's clinical trials of its digital drug dispenser Dosell progresses as planned, MediRätt has strengthened the team with Mikael Svensson, consultant project leader with extensive experience working with complex business development projects, within both the public and private health care sector.

Since the summer of 2017, Dosell, MediRätt's patented digital drug dispensing machine, is undergoing clinical trials partly financed by Apoteket. The tests are proceeding according to plan and are expected to be completed in October. To support the continued product development work, MediRätt now expands the team with Mikael Svensson, a consultant project leader with more than 25 years of experience from the private and public sector.

"It feels great to have Mikael Svensson in place now that we are moving towards a launch of Dosell. Mikael provides long and well-proven expertise in business development of health products, and has a very good understanding of the needs of both private and public healthcare providers. With his knowledge and great drive, he will be a valuable key player in helping MediRätt reach our goals with Dosell," says Carl Johan Merner, CEO of MediRätt.

Mikael Svensson holds a Master of Science degree from the Gothenburg School of Economics. He is an army engineer from the Military College and holds the rank of Major.

Stockholm 2017-09-07

Contact CEO Carl Johan Merner:

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MediRätt in brief
An average of eight elderly people die, and a further 500 are admitted to hospital in Sweden every day due to drug side effects, even though a solution to the problem exists. This is also a serious issue worldwide. MediRätt's business concept is to develop and market products that support more qualitative and safer healthcare in the home on the Swedish and international market. The Company has developed MediKoll and Dosell, which together form a unique overarching concept that ensure the elderly receive reliable and safe medication.

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