iZafe Group signs exclusive sales and distribution agreement with Apoteket AB – Offers dose sachets and Dosell Consumer in a unique subscription service

Stockholm, Sweden. iZafe Group AB (publ.) (NASDAQ First North: IZAFE B) – a leading life science company in the digitalization of medication management has signed an exclusive collaboration agreement with Apoteket AB to introduce the medication dispensing robot Dosell on the consumer market in Sweden. iZafe Group, together with Apoteket, is creating a completely new private market for the integrated dispensing of medicines via Apoteket's dosing services Apodos and DosPac in combination with the medication dispensing robot Dosell.

iZafe Group and Apoteket have identified an increased need to simplify the process of medication management. The medication dispensing robot Dosell in combination with Apodos or DosPac now creates the conditions for a simpler, more independent and safe medication by delivering the medicines pre-sorted and at the same time by reminding the user when and which medication to take.

“It is well known that incorrect medication can have devastating effects on the individual's health if a dose is taken at the wrong time, not taken at all or if medications that can be harmful if taken together are combined. Through the concept of dose-packaged medication in sachets, the user gets their medication pre-sorted and in daily dose bags, which ensures that the medication is correct while the user does not have to spend time handling and sorting tablets in, for example, a pill organizer. Dosell then helps the user to manage the medication as prescribed", comments Anders Segerström, CEO of iZafe Group. "The fact that we have signed an agreement with Apoteket shows that our strategic decision to launch a consumer version of Dosell was completely right and paves the way for a broad launch to consumers together with Sweden's leading pharmacy chain."

The consumer-adapted version of Dosell is based on iZafe Group's professional solution and developed in a way that makes it possible for users and relatives to administer medication and ensure the correct dosage using sachets from all suppliers on the market, without being dependent on healthcare staff and without requiring a prescription for the service. The user or relative is also given the opportunity to receive SMS reminders to their mobile phone if the medicines have not been taken on time.

Apoteket's unique market position as one of the leading suppliers of sachets creates a direct market for the over 200,000 people who currently medicate via sachets. The common goal is to offer the service to these and to address the people who administer their medication on their own. Dosell Consumer is also aimed at relatives who want to ensure that relatives take the right medicine at the right time for increased well-being and to minimize the risk of incorrect medication.

“We want to create the opportunity for those who take daily medication at home to get their medication in order. With the help of sachets, the user gets their medicines pre-sorted and quality-reviewed by a pharmacist, which gives them the reassurance of knowing that it will be right. The medication-dispensing robot Dosell works with the sachets to provide daily reminders and simplify the handling of the medication. Additional security is provided as the user, relatives or others can receive notifications via SMS if a dose is not taken”, says Magdalena Borg, Business Area Manager Dos Apoteket AB.

About the agreement
On June 14, 2021, iZafe Group and Apoteket AB signed a letter of intent agreeing to investigate the possibility of introducing the consumer version of Dosell via Apoteket's channels. Today's agreement, which is a result of these negotiations, means that Apoteket AB receives the excluse rights for the sale and distribution of the medication dispensing robot Dosell in Sweden via its own channels. iZafe Group and Apoteket will work together closely to maximize the opportunities to inform potential customers across all available channels. Dosell Consumer will be available for delivery via Apoteket in October 2021.

About Dosell Consumer
Dosell Consumer and the Dosell app are a consumer-adapted version of iZafe Group's professional solution and designed so that users and relatives can administer medication themselves and ensure the right dosage without being dependent on healthcare staff and without requiring a prescription for the service. Dosell Consumer is compatible with all dose bags on the market.

About Apoteket AB
Apoteket AB is Sweden's largest pharmacy chain and a state-owned company trading in pharmaceuticals in Sweden. Apoteket operates approximately 400 pharmacies in Sweden.

In addition to the pharmacy business, Apoteket also offers drug supply with associated pharmacy services to hospitals, health centers, dental clinics, municipal units, and private care companies and works with health services for employers via so-called Hospital Pharmacies and has ApoDos operations in Sweden.

Apoteket DosPac is a service whereby medicines are pre-sorted, dosed, and packaged in daily dose bags. Each bag contains the medicines to be taken at the same time. Each bag is labelled with personal information and details about what the bag contains and when the medicine is to be taken.

Read more about DosPac: https://www.apoteket.se/dospac/

Beatrice Backman, press contact Apoteket
Phone number: 073-069 27 04

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