Alexandra Charles becomes new Ambassador for MediRätt

The medtech company MediRätt's has started collaboration with Alexandra Charles, the legendary nightclub queen, founder of 1.6 and 2.6 Miljoners Klubben and a well-known profile in female health and gender equality research. With her global network of contacts, Alexandra becomes an important partner for increasing knowledge about MediRätt's digital drug dispenser Dosell and how quality of life can be improved for those who are cared for at home.

The collaboration means that Alexandra Charles becomes an Ambassador for Dosell, MediRätt's patented drug machine for safer home medicine treatment. She succeeds the former Ambassador and James Bond actor Sir Roger Moore who died earlier this year.

"Both me and MediRätt strive for a world where elderly people can live a healthier and more complete life. We have worked in different ways. Through my organization, I have spread knowledge about female health, equal care and the importance of a gender perspective in medical research, while MediRätt has developed a new practical tool that can improve the care of home patients through safer medication. When we now collaborate, we have both instruments and networks to provide even better conditions for living a healthier life further up in the ages, "said Alexandra Charles.

The Health Organization that Alexandra founded, 1.6 and 2.6 Miljoners Klubben has about 30,000 members in a nationwide network and international sister associations in, among others, Norway, Denmark, Germany and South Africa. The organization has received a prize from Nationalencyklopedin for its work on spreading objective information on women's health issues.

– "We want to convey the message that with the right tools, age is not an obstacle to living an active and contentious life. Alexandra Charles embodies the vitality and is an important opinionator and public educator in health issues. We are looking forward to working closely together before and after the launch of Dosell, says Carl Johan Merner, CEO of MediRätt.

Dosell is under development and is currently undergoing clinical trials in the healthcare environment in collaboration with Apoteket AB.

Stockholm 2017-10-03

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MediRätt in brief
An average of eight elderly people die, and a further 500 are admitted to hospital in Sweden every day due to drug side effects, even though a solution to the problem exists. This is also a serious issue worldwide. MediRätt's business concept is to develop and market products that support more qualitative and safer healthcare in the home on the Swedish and international market. The Company has developed MediKoll and Dosell, which together form a unique overarching concept that ensure the elderly receive reliable and safe medication.

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