25 Dosell are implemented in a municipality in Norway

iZafe Group (publ.) hereby announces that the partner Hepro AS is now starting the implementation of 25 Dosell units in a municipality in the western region of Norway.

The municipality, which has approximately 3,300 residents aged 65 and over, initially starts with 25 Dosells and then gradually increases the number.

About Hepro
HEPRO AS is a modern and future-oriented competence company that develops, produces and sells aids and welfare technology of high quality and clean design. The company was founded in 1987 and has extensive experience in developing products and solutions that will make everyday life easier for their customers. Their vision is to give their customers the opportunity to manage themselves, participate actively in their own everyday lives and stay longer at home. Hepro is owned by the Stockholm-based listed AddLife Group. AddLife has approx. 70 st. independent subsidiaries and over 1800 employees.

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