Standard package

The market’s most resistant personal alarm. The alarm will activate when “pushing the button”  or when the individual falls off the ground, known as “man down”.

This package includes:

  • Hardware device SRT306 with man down function
  • SIM-Card
  • Service agreement that gives you access to the customer portal
  • Be able to alarm your colleagues

How it works

Alarm activated
through device or
mobile app

Alarm via SMS
Communication over
the mobile network

Contact persons and/or
alarm central is notified of
the alarm.

Optional: alarm display is
activated with sound and

Optional: emergency
with security guard

Mobile phone package

Safe and advanced application that enables your mobile phone to be used as a personal alarm. With the iZafe personal alarm in your mobile phone , you will quickly contact the receiver and/or the alarm central station that you have previously chosen. The mobile phone personal alarm comes together with an external controller that is connected to your mobile via bluetooth and that enables you to activate and disactivate your alarm much quicker and discrete.

This package includes:

  • Application license
  • Alarm controller
  • Service agreement that gives you access to the customer portal
  • Be able to alarm your colleagues

Service agreement

By acquiring one of our alarm solutions, you will be entitled to our Service Agreement that includes:

The service agreement includes:

  • Access to our customer portal where you can easily manage and view your contracted services and alarms
  • Statistics and reports
  • Device replacement and support form
  • Set up and management of users in the system
  • Review and preparation of security procedures
  • Web Tutorials – Threat & Violence Online Training

Place an order

Place an order or contact us if you need help and we will  get back to you as soon as possible.  IZafe will always support and follow your orders to make sure they are just right what you expect. For immediate assistance do not hesitate to call us on  +46 (0)8-21 11 21